quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012

Celui qui croit toujours en lui

Today, the sun is shining brighter. Birds are singing more loudly, and I feel like I’m dancing their song. My backpack is full of courage and wishes. I’m one step away to the City of Light! There’s no stopping me from now on. But before closing the door in my back, I take a time to think about the past, and I see that everything I’ve been through weren’t that bad at all. The times when I had to find strength on myself, in moments where I thought I couldn’t go any further, made me grow in so many ways that I couldn’t be more thankful. All those situations where I fell down just made me learn how to get up faster and faster!

I know that when I close this door, there will be nothing left but memories. But I’m feeling great! So there’s no regret to say goodbye to the past and start my brand new life, being aware that everything is going to change: the people around me, the way to live, the way I see life as a whole. Time to spread my wings!

So I close the door and start walking. Looking at every street, enjoying every step, hoping for the best, while going to the airport. Farewell, my humble place! My name is being called, and it’s time to go. Maybe someday I come back. And if I do, it’ll be my time to shine for the sun.

I’m reaching my dream, and it makes me feel like I can shine brighter than anything.

Let the new cycle begin.

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  1. C'est magnifique! La cité lumiére!
    Je voudrais la cité lumiére...