quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

Just a thought


A person who I worked with is in your city right now. She posted some pictures from there, including one of that restaurant you always talk about.

I closed the image viewer and my eyes. I started imagining us on that restaurant, where you were asking for your favorite meal for both of us. You were so beautiful. Your dark blond hair was very straight, mostly on your back than in front of your shoulders. Your eyes were sky blue (actualy i’m not sure if it is blue or green, but i imagined blue). We were seated next to a window, and we could see everything that were going on outside. I was looking outside, then I turned to you. You were smiling beautifully, and I immediately lost all words I had, because I got lost on your eyes. Then I tried to reach your hands, and you held it.

I felt you.

Your hand was warm and soft. Your nails were painted in red. All I thought was “is this really happening? Am I dreaming?” And there, on my thoughts, I wasn’t. I was very awake, everything there was real. I was with you. And nothing else didn’t really matter. I put my hand on your cheek, and you closed your eyes. I smiled like I never did before. Then the meal came. We ate while talking and laughing about non-important things. We paid, tipped the waiter and went out the restaurant, holding hands.

And I imagined it only looking to this picture, wishing for my turn to take a similar one.

And I will. Very soon.