sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016

It will take me time to get back on the wheels

(but I really hope I can go back to writing just as before, all over again).




It’s been a long time since I came here last time. So much has changed.

I still remember all the little places I used to go, and while walking by those little streets of the town, I can’t help but to remember the good moments we’ve had together in here. Every pub we used to go, and all the walks we’ve done around the pond… All of sudden the feelings come back to my heart and mind, running fast through my veins and taking my breath away.

I still lose my breath because of you… Funny, right?

I wonder what you did to bury feelings and goosebumps inside yourself… (because they’re still there somewhere in your heart, right? You didn’t… You couldn’t forget everything forever… Could you?) Would these streets revive our times to you as well? Would it remind you how happy we used to be? Would it finally make you understand that there was no choice but to set ourselves apart? Would you then… Forgive… Me?

Oh well, who am I talking to. What actually do I wanna get with these thoughts? What is done is done, and I don’t even know which part of the world you are right now.

You could really have left a hint. Anything. I swear I would make my best to show you I’m still worthy. Because I am. I know I am… Right?
So much has changed. So many new colors.

But I’m still stuck in time, seeing you run from me at every corner I turn.